Prayer Crusade for Priests Resources

Download Crusader Pamphlet  --Updated Nov 23, 2010

This is THE Prayer Crusade for Priests Pamphlet. It tells everything you need to know about the PCP. This pamphlet is laid out to be printed, so be sure to print and distribute lots of them!

Below you may download the whole collection of PCP Newsletters. Newsletter #1 is the enrollment letter which you receive only when you first join.

PCP Newsletter #13 (July 2015)

PCP Newsletter #15 (July 2019)

PCP Newsletter #16 (June 2021)

PCP Poster  --Updated September, 2012

A regular-sized poster that you can assemble by printing it on 3 11x17" sheets of paper and taping them together. The download is 60 MB.

PCP Poster  --Updated September, 2019

The same poster as above, but as a single 5400x7200 pixel tiff image (16x20 inches). The download is 43 MB.